General Fire Awareness Training

Ensure your business is equipped with the fire awareness and safety training needed to operate safely.

Fire Safety Awareness

Irrespective of legislative requirements, it is a considerable advantage to provide staff with an understanding of general fire safety and awareness. It helps personnel to recognise the hazards and risks within the business and within their area of work. 

Hopefully, following suitable training, they will ensure that they do not endanger your business through unsafe practices. They will also be more aware of potential hazards and therefore more inclined to bring them to your attention.


Fire safety, as well as health and safety, legislation requires that all staff receive training and instruction in your organisation’s fire safety and evacuation procedures. This involves providing all staff with knowledge of how to raise an alarm in the event of a fire, as well as the location of all alarm activation devices. This includes showing staff all potential fire exits, as well as the location of the safe assembly area. These topics should be included in the induction programme for new members of staff.

What We Offer

DB Fire Safety Limited provides general fire safety awareness training, both on your premises and within our training centre in Peterborough. The course includes training on the following topics:

  • Fire Safety Legislation
  • What is Fire?
  • Fire Hazards and Risks
  • Fire Safety Precautions
  • Fire Extinguishers and How to Use Them
  • Questions and Course Critique

Delegates on all fire safety training courses receive appropriate certification.


Where training is carried out on your premises, the fee will depend on:

  • The Number of Delegates, or;
  • The Number of Courses Required During the Day

Fees for delegates attending one of our open courses will vary from time to time. Simply ask a member of our team for more information.

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