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DB Fire Safety Limited takes pride in providing first-rate fire safety training. Our fire training is designed to ensure your workforce understands the safety and evacuation procedures needed in the event of a fire emergency.


Fire and health and safety legislation requires that all staff receive training and instruction regarding your fire safety and evacuation procedures. Fire safety training should form part of the induction program for all new members of staff. It is best practice for the induction programme to take place on the first day a new staff member joins the business. However, at the very latest,

it should take place within their first few days.

Fire Safety Induction Training

Fire safety induction training should involve taking staff on a tour of the building, showing them all fire exits, exit routes, and the safe assembly point. All staff should know how to raise an alarm if they discover a fire, and the location of all alarm call points.  

All staff are required to have instruction in the procedures to be followed in the event of discovering a fire, or hearing the fire alarm – which should be tested at the same time each week. All staff should take part in regular fire evacuation drills, which it is recommended take place twice a year.

Fire Safety Training

Good practice would be to provide all staff with training in general fire safety awareness. This would include discussions regarding hazards that could cause a fire, and what additional risks may cause a fire to develop and spread. If all staff understand the hazards and risks present within their area of work, they can help to prevent a fire from starting in the first place.

Fire Marshals

In addition to fire training and general fire awareness, it may be beneficial for a number of senior staff to have particular responsibilities in the event of a fire emergency. These people – fire wardens, or marshals – would require specialist training that might include the correct selection and safe use of fire extinguishers.

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