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With skill and precision, DB Fire Safety Limited provides fire risk assessment services. Our experienced fire risk assessors are qualified to evaluate the fire hazards and risks in your workplace. Where necessary, we are available to offer guidance and training needed to bring your level of safety up to the relevant standards.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that all businesses and organisations carry out a fire risk assessment. This legislation applies to all businesses and organisations, regardless of type or size.

The fire risk assessment must be a recorded document if:

  • You Employ 5 or More People
  • There is a License in Force
  • An Alterations Notice Requires You to Do So

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is an assessment of the hazard of fire and the risks that may affect fire’s ability to develop and spread. Other issues that woud be addressed include:

  • The people who might be affected by fire on the premises
  • Fire separation and compartmentation
  • Escape Routes
  • Fire Safety Signage
  • Fire Protection Measures in Place
  • Fire Detection and Warning Systems in Place
  • Staff Training
  • Existing Fire Procedures
  • The maintenance programs adopted
  • Safety inspections of electrical and gas installations

How We Can Help

As experienced, qualified risk assessors, we’re equipped to carry out your fire risk assessment. We will provide you with a comprehensive document that identifies all potential sources of ignition, risks that could increase the spread of fire, and any safety measures that may be in place.

The fire risk assessment will highlight any deficiencies or issues that require attention. Using a simple traffic light system, the document is user friendly in explaining issues rated in accordance with priority, based solely on their impact on life safety. All issues requiring attention are summarised in a user-friendly prioritised format at the end of the fire risk assessment document, together with any photographs required in assisting the identification of areas for concern.

Please note: Once we have carried out your fire risk assessment, you automatically qualify for our free online consultancy services for 12 months.

Fire Risk Assessment Reviews

It’s important to remember that fire risk assessments must be reviewed regularly. Legislation does not define the term ‘regularly’. However, it is strongly recommended that a review should take place at least annually, or:

  • When There Are Any Changes to Activities Taking Place in the Building
  • When There Are Any Changes to the Internal Structure of the Building
  • When There Are Any Changes in Occupancy, or the Nature of the Occupancy

Such changes could include the employment of a pregnant member of staff, or a member of staff with a severe medical, physical, hearing, or visual impairment.

Fire Strategy

You may intend to, or be in the process of, extending your premises or completely restructuring an existing one. In such cases, you may be required to submit a fire strategy document for planning purposes. DB Fire Safety Ltd is equipped to help you in this matter. We are experienced in the creation and development of fire strategy documents, and have served many contractors in meeting the requirements of building control and fire authorities.


The cost of a risk assessment or a review is based on the size of your property and the complexities involved.

Contact our fire risk assessors to arrange our professional fire risk assessment services.

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